Mindful Writing from the County Jail: Excerpt. “Honor”
“So, what’s this mindful stuff going to do for me when I’m out on the street? You want me to pull a poem out of my pocket up against a nine-millimeter Glock?”

St. Paul Almanac, Tenth Anniversary. Designated Best Short Story. “Smiler”
“The Germans gassed us in Somme, hit us with Big Bertha in Lyon, but we held ’em at Verdun and along the Hindenburg and took ’em at Belleau Wood.”

Sun Country Airlines: Best Short Story Contest Winner. “Airplane Baby”
“There are moments when I think the little tike is running out of gas, exhausting itself of tears, but any brief reprieve is only a recharging pause allowing it to catch its breath to reach higher decibel readings.”

Catholic Spirit. “Youth Group Night”
” It’s the smell of teenagers in full pubescent bloom and of cheap trial perfumes mixed with Sour Patch Kids eye-squinting, lip-puckering candy.”

Wu Dang. “Tai Chi Dancing”
“At the highest level of Tai Chi, the body moves without pause or hesitation, unfurling and then withdrawing without effort.”