A sprinkling of information

My novels are not part of a series but do share a theme. The focus is on character arcs that revolve around ‘twist of fate’. I want to expose lives, who by chance, have spun out of control, and see where they land.

As a career marketing professional, I’ve gained expertise in developing contests and games of chance for Fortune 500 companies. I know something about luck.

My successful debut novel BlizzardBall, heralded by Larry King, as ‘Smart, Wacky and Entertaining,’ along with A Comedian Walks Into A Funeral Home, give ‘fortuitous events’ center stage. 

I  also love humor and infuse it in my characters – sometimes light and sometimes dark.  I believe humor helps us understand and cope with the world. When we see and laugh at characters we care about, who mirror our own flaws and weakness,  it reflects on what it is to be human. 

I hope you enjoy the stories.

Full disclosure – I’ve got a thing for sweets 😄


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